WordCloud – Tool for improving your vocabulary

Our Data Visualisation module has ended few days ago. The last assigment was all about collaboratively creating a tailor-made project for a specific person, in case of our group it was my Czech friend Jakub.

Jakub visited me in Scotland for few weeks with intention to sharpen his english. We discussed what might be useful for him, and we hit the topic of him struggling to remember some english words. So how to help him to practice dictionairy in engaging way?

If you struggle to remember the meanings of English words (in your native language),  our program would take the words you are searching a dictionary for, assign them priorities based on the frequency of searches and then display them in a word cloud. You can then try to think of their meanings and check if you were right or wrong – and by providing if you were or weren’t, the words will grow/shrink (priority changes) so you will stumble upon the ones you’re struggling with more probably.

The idea is nice but we took on too much when it comes to realization. We found out that the tagclouds are usually being generated by placing the words on an Archimedean spiral, iterating in small divisions of angles and checking for collisions with other words.

Archimedean spiral
Archimedean spiral

With more time, we would finish the whole program but due to our lack of skill and some collaborative issuses, this didn’t happen, so you can at least take a look at what the program would look like in these snapshots, derived from my design.