Visiting Glasgow School of Art

I went for a small trip since Glasgow School of Art (GSA) held the postgraduate open days and I am just in the middle of my fourth year. After meeting few students from the Design Innovation courses at the DiA chiasma, GSA became my point of interest.

I was please to meet very friendly course director of Design Innovation course – Lynn-Sayers McHattie – at a design chiasma about food futures. She told me what are the design innovation courses about, ranging between three scopes:

  • Design innovation & Citizenship
  • Design innovation & Environmental design
  • Design innovation & Service design

Lynn also shared with me her views on GSA’s strengths and told me about its character. I became interested in the trendy Service design-focused course, since being a generalist (as mr. Ferris would say) and not having strong interest in both Citizenship or Environmental design.

All Design courses at GSA are being taught in the Reid building, built by Steven Holl architects opened in 2014. Lot of thought went into the light entering the building, since it was reasonably bright in very grey day – inspiring architecture.

The open days launched with few talks, one of the speakers was a Communication Design course director Brian Cairns. This two-years course got me interested significantly more. It is being taught in the Haldlane building, which is a great industrial piece with a pyramid roof and open-space, multi-level studios inside.

Studios in Haldlane building
Studios in Haldlane building

I could immediately feel a great potential for teamwork, peer education, interdisciplinary adventures, chatting with other students and also attending & organizing events around the community of current students – and there definitely are some, especially jazz jams, wow!


GSA offers nice, clean and organized workshop. There are few large-scale lasercutters, few 3D printers and vacuum casting device. One thing that got me really excited was the typesetting room, very well maintained and equipped facility full of hot metal type – wow.

We were also shown a beautiful room full of EIZO LCDs with sun shades & calibration probes alongside few printers for pre-print editing & printing.

GSA has a nice production studio with white photo backdrop. Would definitely love to spend some nights there 🙂

After very helpful discussion with student advisor on topics like finance and studying & stressing too much, I learned about some opportunities for the funding of this study, which can happen, although will probably not cover all of the price, which in the case of Communication design is about £11,500 – oh well.

It was a great trip giving me lot of inspiration and design-oriented excitement, I will see if one day my path will lead me back 🙂