I love nourishing people around me. Realising how important the food is for people in so many ways, I can’t be happier doing so. Over a bowl of soup, we talk about our troubles with our close ones. Over a cup of coffee, we open our hearts to others. It’s the bowl of porridge which fills us with warmth and energy in the morning to get through the day. I’d like to be there to provide these moments for others.

My food experience has started by inspiration from my brother at our home.

I opened Café Dvorek at our backyard to host many dinners thereafter, sometimes visiting local markets and selling pizza, focaccia, and other nice bakes/dishes.

One of many evenings at our backyard Café

Studying for four years in Dundee brought me closer to food than I’d ever expect. Even at the worst times, I’d always nourish my body with new discoveries and make snacks or dishes for people around me, even starting a small food snack brand Tasty Food.

Tasty Food “Honest Bars” (Czech edition)

My dissertation and honours project were all about cooking & food, and after our exhibition in London, I just wanted to hide in the kitchen for a bit. So I did it and it was awesome, enjoyed a food market too 🙂

Food market in the Brno city centre – Me, Marek & Lucie

Out of my enthusiasm, I’ve received a job offer from Almighty Foods – the organic chocolate alchemists in Dundee and worked with them a bit. It was an amazing learning experience and resonation with somebody who cares about the planet, food and others. Happy to use my creative skills for them too 🙂


Currently, I live in Dundee, make living by designing websites for people with good intentions, and am looking for more opportunities to get involved in anything food-related. If you have any idea of how can I be helpful, please get in touch.