Studio 9 intern experience

Three months fly away quickly. Especially if you’re lucky to be doing work that you enjoy, with friendly people. And if you play some ping pong at your breaks 🙂

With Studio 9 being my first full-time design experience, I learned a lot and gained invaluable experience. Beginning with the ethos of a design studio, adapting to each colleague’s individual flow, learning to ask the right questions at right time, being sensitive in both internal and external communications with clients and other agencies, and more.

My writing and narrative skills came out very useful, both for advocating the right practices in design, preserving it’s qualities and not rushing it too much (which can sacrifice the quality quite easily). I used these skills to curate lead designer’s (Pavel Válek – very inspiring designer) work sometimes, which was quite an honour.

Sometimes, it’s inevitable to do a design job through a middleman – a different marketing agency. It’s not ideal, communicating indirectly, have your work judged on the fly by someone who doesn’t understand the decisions behind it. But when you care about the work itself, you are able to overcome these problems.

I really liked the physicality of a design studio. Somebody is working on a visual identity for instance, turns back on his chair to others saying “I am not sure about this element” and designers surround him, starting a chatter full of conceptual thoughts 🙂

Designer's chatter
When designers join their brains together

Great thing that happened few times in Studio 9 was an educational afternoon , when someone taught the others about some area that he’s good at. Kicked off by our boss David (session about how internet & web services work), followed by Jan (very capable coder).

Jan Herman talking about coding
Jan Herman talking about coding

With discussion in team being very important generally, sometimes it’s best to continue with it in a pub with few pints of czech cold beer 🙂 (And/or wine, whisky, absinth, rum and others) We did that few times after these sessions and I really enjoyed this cultural bit, which in Scotland is quite expensive and not so usual 🙂 (It’s also great that people talk about problems which wouldn’t get raised normally).

We don’t normally pose like that in pubs.

Towards the end of my internship, I was very grateful to hear that working externally in Studio 9 is also possible, as well as digital nomadism, which Jan actually went to practise to Malaysia. I was also happy to contribute to the public face of Studio 9 via social media.

And about that ping pong…

Maybe my soul wants to have more fun with digital technology of all shapes, enhance progress of web development more and be with younger, more crazy people who respect inter-disciplinary approach. But for my first internship, this was great experience and Studio 9 will in my heart remain as a friendly, welcoming place full of diligent people.

Thank you for having me as a design intern!