After few recommendations, I recently finished reading “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon. This guy is truly inspiring, and so is his book. In short, easy-to-digest chapters he is telling you ten rules/principles, which might help you in creative, and even some other practices.

I quite sympathize with his reference to “Scenius” – and the exlpanation, that the geniality of every great artist didn’t lay in his solitude and detraction from people. That’s a myth – a super-talented person, hiding from people and creating the best work. Scenius is a communal genius – the interconnected group of people, sharing their work to each other, discussing it, and in their connected minds, creating something great. I asked myself “Who influences me from people around, and who do I influence?” and it’s obvious that everybody has these people who drive him towards something, and are absorbing something that he or she does.

So why should we be showing our work? Basically, if you consider that something that you want to share is useful or interesting, you should go for it. In the hope that it will help somebody, inspire somebody, make the world better. And since one of these might be your goal, you want to find likeminded people – you can’t do this by not sharing. (Doesn’t matter if you share on social media, or loudly in a pub – you pick your audience).

You need to be noticed by others, so that they can connect with you.

Another thing that Austin writes about is persistence. You cannot plan your success. The only thing there is left to do is to do what you’re doing, for the good and meaningful reasons that brought you there, and keep doing it. People loose passion, enthusiasm and drive for things. But only to regain it another day when another great idea comes. At these moments, I think it’s important to not forget why did you sign up for this, and remind oneself of the bigger goals towards which you’re driving, if any.

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