Search for an internship

When entering 3rd year, I was sure about searching for summer internship. Summer between 3rd and 4th years has been recommended by most lecturers as well. So how to start? Where would I like to go? It took me some time to realise all this.

I want to be with people I like and can get on with

This is the most important bit. When there’s a good relationship, opennes and mutual understanding, there’s also the best ground for improving both sides – yourself, and also giving values to the people you work with.

I want to be with people who do stuff in which I believe.

And I really mean it – I innately feel how the work should be done, I have a feeling for what’s good quality and I won’t be too happy with people who don’t care enough.

I want to be with people who like what they do

Because I am lucky enough to be doing what I like as a creative, and I think everybody deserves to be in this position. If somebody finds the kind of work disgusting and feels they want to be somewhere else, they should do it.

Having a great opportunity to expand my views on creative enterprise and research design agencies in Scotland in Design Enterprise module with Mike Press, I already gained great connections just by studying that module.

Mr. Press showing us somebody else's professional timeline
Mr. Press showing us somebody else’s professional timeline

Me & two classmates went to talk to Primate – a great webdesign agency in Edinburgh who I really respect. I actually applied for internship with them, but I already felt that they are way further ahead in their webdesign skills and would spend lot of effort to integrate me with them, since I am more of a inter-disciplinary creative.

Talk to like-minded companies. Approach people. Spread the word.

Go to job fairs. Like Silicon Milkroundabout or E-placement Scotland fair. Or various conferences, in Czech Rep it can be Barcamp Brno, or WebExpo. I had  great conversations at Milkroundabout, and got to know what’s happening in the industry, although I didn’t get any internship. But guess what, my classmate got. And many others as well 🙂 My friend from Brno on the other hand introduced me to one of the Czech Republic’s best renowned internet companies – Seznam, which I was really grateful for as well. Some call this networking, but in fact it’s just chatting with people you like.

Silicon Milkroundabout in Edinburgh
Silicon Milkroundabout in Edinburgh

It all comes back to being a nice person, making & sustaining friendships with others.

Now let’s think about how to impress. How to capture someone’s attention, leave him to think about that funny way you interacted with their company and in ideal case, leave something physical with them, or something that that they’ll be seeing, or willing to share. So I wrote letters with my custom designed template. By the way, it really looks interesting printed out on a tracing paper.


I’ve also shown my personal approach in drawing each logo of the agency on the envelope.


I received very positive reply from each letter. In the end I went for internship with Studio 9, in Zlin. I am so grateful for my friend Káťa introducing me to them. It’s a smaller-scale studio focusing on webdesign. People are friendly there, boss is direct and nobody is too corporate.

A look into the Studio 9.. note the awesome murals!

I realise that it all comes back to being a nice person, sustaining friendships with other nice people and hoping for the best. I wish you lot of luck if you’re looking for internship!

And one more thing – having a ping pong table is very valuable asset. After my classmates made one in our studio in DJCAD, I can be only super-happy that there’s one in Studio 9!