One of the books recommended to us in Design Enterprise module was Rework. When I heard it’s name, I recalled my good and wise friend talking about it with a lot of passion in a pub multiple times. I bought it used for £5 off Ebay and started reading.

Being highly motivated to be an idea starter, doer who is cleaning his way to his goal by trial and success and makes everything on the go in the Design Enterprise, this book just fit right in. Rework is a book for people interested in starting and doing things, and by things I mean business – because if what you’re doing is financially unsustainable, it’s just an expensive hobby. Written by Jason Fried & David Hansson from former 37signals (now they just call themselves Basecamp – their primary product)

The book is full of easily-digestible chapters like “Planning is guessing”, “Make a dent in the universe”, “No time is no excuse” or Good enough is fine”. It explains why there is a negative connotation of the mundane corporate atmosphere and what it really means to be productive – not just running around the office with a pile of papers lively.

Rework motivates everybody to do whatever they can themselves, hire when it hurts and they’re not able to, be honest to people and say “Sorry” like you mean it instead of “We apologize for inconvenience”, it prohibits poisonous words like “ASAP” which are devaluating themselves every time being used, mocks resumés and honours experience, working with great people no matter where they are, building an audience and being quick.

It became a book that I will most likely never get rid of in my life from now on, looking into it here and there, rereading vital chapters whilst on my journey, whatever that journey may be.