After purchasing Adobe CC student membership, I installed Lightroom Mobile, being an avid Lightroom user. LR mobile is amazing app for every lightroom lover – it begins where your camera app ends, and takes care of everything that you had to do yourself before it’s existence – like syncing your photos by dropbox and importing them in Lightroom, and syncing processed photos back to Iphone, to show them to people.

  • Lightroom mobile synchronises your photos into cloud with all the adjustments you did on desktop/mobile.
  • The way you edit photos is very convenient, even on iPhone (In my case iPhone 6) – and I always hated editing photographs on iphone.
  • Syncing stuff back is as easy as ticking a box on any lightroom collection that you already have
  • You can share any photos or collections directly from the cloud to people.

Lightroom has very convenient white balance setting – point and click. I always loved it, and now you can have the same on iPhone – perfect.


White balance picker

I highly recommend Lightroom mobile, at least a trial of it to anybody who likes lightroom in general!