Interview with Amanda Bataller

I had the chance to talk to my talented & passionate friend Amanda Bataller about where am I going with my project. She treasures her passion for food & community in her heart and is one of the best people that I could have spoken to!

I discussed the dissertation project – cooking workshops with Amanda. She started Creative Cooking Society with few others in Dundee, where people get together for various cooking workshops or tapas nights with food brought in by everybody. I was at one event like that and it was truly amazing.

People easily feel unconfident in cooking.

That’s a big challenge right there for me to come up with something quite simple to cook, make everybody comfortable with doing it and enjoy it. One of ideas is to make various adaptations of scrambled eggs, which are cheap, delicious, healthy and people can get very creative with them.

Get everybody involved in some tasks

People feel great when contributing to something. I would like them to be active throughout the workshop. Current idea is that everybody will try to have their go on some interesting take with – for example –scrambled eggs – anybody can show their creativity by picking some ingredients which will give their dish a unique flavour.

After everybody cooks a dish together, eating it at one table, talking and enjoying each others company can feel truly satisfying – as you can see on a photo from big tapas night by Creative Cooking society 🙂

Result of collaborative cooking :)
Result of collaborative cooking 🙂


There are some foodbanks (Fareshare, Trussel Trust) around, collecting expired food which would be otherwise wasted. I will explore possibilities of sourcing the food for the workshop from them.

Slow food

Amanda is currently considering to bring Slow Food movement into Dundee (aside from opening a community-based café), which is very good idea. Amanda is also an amazing illustrator, check out her work 🙂

Over and over, it was a great talk I had and we both gave each other a lot of enthusiasm and motivation, Gracias señora!