Chef – Interview insights

As a part of my research for honours project, I interviewed few people about cooking and their relationship with it. Let’s take a look at the gathered insights from 3 gathered interviews.

janaJana Šmuhařová

Age: 30

Occupation: Interior Designer based in Dundee

Jana is dyslexic has a problem with short-term memory and struggles hard to stay on track when following tutorials and how-to videos. She doe
sn’t like the video format at all for explaining what to do.

Reading a lot of text is very discomfortable for Jana.


  • Considering dyslexic individuals as users whose experience can be impaired by design greatly is valuable to reach broader audience.
  • Providing a functionality for repeating, going back or forth between instructions would be essential.

pacekJan Pacek

Age: 26

Occupation: Programmer

Jan doesn’t spend too much time cooking. When he decides to cook though, he quite enjoys the experience. He likes practical things.

When explained the concept of voice-based cooking assistant, Jan reacted like a visionary looking into the future, and said that he would like some assistant built into his home which would guide him through the complete experience – from the shopping to cooking. Typical sentence which he would begin the conversation with can look like “Hi, I just came from work hungry and would like to cook something quick and simple”.


  • Being able to provide answers to random cooking or food-related questions helps to make the user feel like they can ask more, when the topic is still related.
  • Extending the experience before the beginning – by taking in account the shopping (where to go, when does the place close, if they have the ingredient there) or preparation phase before cooking itself.

Untitled-1Malcolm & Ruth Farqhuar

Age: 56

Occupation: Bureau officer

They baked a custard pie and it failed. Neither Malcolm nor Ruth have any idea why that happened – and they are curious.

If Malcolm is tired, he prefers to get the cooking job just done instead of devoting too much time and attention to it. If he has time though, he is happy to enjoy it.

Question that Malcolm & Ruth ask themselves often is “How much effort do we want to put into this cooking?”.

It is very hard to decide what to cook sometimes for Malcolm. He would be happy if he can speak about what he has home and have some recipes suggested.


  • Monitoring some variables in the cooking process can be crucial to its success. For example temperature or weight.
  • Time is one of the key factors by which people decide what to cook. In nowaday’s society and particularly in the UK, time is precious for everyone.
  • Having the information of what is in the user’s pantry would be great for suggesting recipes based on these ingredients.

JanaJana Raabensteinová

Age: 26

Occupation: Pastry chef

Jana uses her ipad tablet to display the recipes to cook from. She usually sets the brightness to maximum for better legibility.

When cooking, music sets the mood of the ambience in kitchen for her, which is quite important to the overall experience.


  • Will my cocnept app be able to take music into account? To silence it when it speaks and to be able to distinguish what does the user have to say over the music?


I’v gathered few important insights which will shape the final outcome of this project.

  • The importance of staying on track with the progress of the user
  • Considering external elements like music, noise and light which can interfer with the conversation
  • Monitoring other variables in the cooking
  • Emphasising time as a crucial aspect of each cooking session