I just finished designing the logo for a small scale tailor made printmaking social network, Inka. Keeping the ink alive and displayed, I knew I will get my hands dirty doing that and also that I will enjoy it 🙂

Final full-res preview of all 4 logo variations

Final full-res preview of all 4 logo variations

The visual

Ink 1 c

Attempt 1 – Ink too dilluted, boring drops because of low speed on impact

Idecided to go for capturing the naturalness of the ink splats (water-dilluted ink), shooting them by DSLR from perpendicular angle at improvised photo studio at DJCAD. The logo is variable in both color and shape, creating 4 moods for the entire website – every time, the accent color in the whole website will correspond to the one of the logo. I’ve ended going for 4 colours, all primary (red, green, blue) + secondary orange, all hues very saturated (little bit of postprocessing). The ink was dilluted just a little bit, to preserve the thickness and glossiness.


The type


Adobe Source Sans Pro typeface

Typeface of choice here is Source Sans Pro, very basic, clean typeface with a bold weight to use in this case, highly legible. I didn’t want to attract attention to the type itself, but I am bored by helvetica and I appreciate that Source Sans is little bit more novel (compare the terminals of lowercase a for example).