How was 2015?

Year 2015 was full of new experience. Unforseen twists and pleasant surprises. Main thread which tied this year was being more present, for which I am grateful to my girlfriend Solange and my supporting father a lot. So what actually happened?

Enterprise Gym

In 2014/15, I worked for Enterprise Gym – a department of University of Dundee which educates people about enterprising, organises lot of amazing workshops, invites experienced speakers and is buzzing with enthusiasm. It was a great experience and for the first time in my life, I felt truly accepted as a team member in a company. Article about Enterprise Gym coming soon. Check out the year’s sum up if you like 🙂


In DJCAD, I designed a prototype of mobile app for couples to help them manage their finance. I wrote few articles about it, here is the sum up.



Just before 2015, I’ve met a wonderful soul – Solange. She shares lot of my passions and finally took me and friends out for few good hiking adventures. Long story short, <romantic content>I love her and am very grateful that our journeys through life has met 🙂</romantic content>.

Me & Solange at Loch Beinn a' Mheadhoin
Me & Solange at Loch Beinn a’ Mheadhoin

Internship with Studio 9

I joined Studio 9 – Czech digital agency for three months of an internship. Never before I learned so much about working in a team in such a short time. I have lot of great memories 🙂

Designer's chatter
Designer’s chatter

Service Jam

In second semester, I’ve attended the Global Service Jam 2015 in Dundee. Enjoying it a lot for second time, I told to myself “Damn, that would be so cool to organise something like this back home”. And before I knew it, it was happening :).

Charming summer morning

Meeting STRV

My friend Pacek has invited me to STRV Apple Watch Hackathon. Check out the result if you like:

I truly enjoyed it, came up with a great prototype together with Pacek and then was invited by STRV to apply for a designer position with them. STRV has very open company culture and consists of open-minded, friendly people. I would love to work with them in the future, and since my application didn’t make it through (although with good feedback), I will try again in the summer 🙂


The best thing that has happened to me in 2015 – I started meditating, using Headspace. Initially inspired by my friend Joe, after ~1.5 years of thinking about starting. Meditating made me incomparably more present in my daily life, drastically lowered my levels of stress and as Neil would say, I am more unfuckwithable. Article coming soon, I highly recommend meditation to anybody who would like to feel more present, in content with others, focused and coping with life.


I made up a social enterprise concept which would do something that I am sad about since my arrival to Scotland in 2012 – enhance the food culture in Scotland. After organising a trial cooking workshop in Dundee and indulging myself into hours of turning sweat into UTF-8 text, the 6000 words document has been printed and submitted. Uff.

Work in DJCAD Canteen

I love cooking. I don’t necessarily agree with the way that Scottish people often go about it from the perspective of health, but the passion stays the same. I was accepted by University of Dundee catering and work in DJCAD canteen – serving food to my professors and classmates, chatting with the head chef and learning invaluable lessons every day. I am truly grateful for being able to be there and wash dishes, serve food and sometimes fry some chips 🙂

Kitchen in the DJCAD Canteen
Kitchen in the DJCAD Canteen