My friend Tereza from The Rodina (The Family) has invited me to the last day of GDFScotland 2015 – for presentations of designers who ran workshops there + panel discussion afterwards.

Festival was primarily hosted at The Lighthouse in Glasgow – a centre for design and architecture. Very nice multi-level space which breathes quite well. There was also an exhibition of 100 best posters from 700+ submissons for the poster competition. Quite inspiring to see them all together, some using interesting materials (golden foil and others), others challenging the boundaries of avant-garde 🙂

International poster exhibition - top 100. © GDFScotland

International poster exhibition – top 100. © GDFScotland

I could see lot of work from the workshop participants exhibited there, Tereza explained me what they were onto in their workshop – creating a domino–like visual system where people were collaboratively building domino chains of printed A4s, associating them together. You can see them all around us sitting there 🙂


Me & Tereza from The Rodina

Other workshop organisers were pretty interesting, I’ll quickly run through them:

Colophon – Guys who designed the Apercu typeface. My friend Rich has felt in love with it, I quite like it as well. Interesting duo, had a nice talk with them in the pub.

The Rodina – We’re The Rodina, we come from a village – called Czech Republic. Funny way to exaggerate our roots 🙂 My friends made the audience laugh the most, well done! Short excerpt from the presentation:

HelloMe – Tim from Berlin. Very German – clean work, quite flavourless but professional presentation, I talked with Tim about his speculative objects – table which is more decorational than functional, yet very pleasing to have around and feel.

Studio Moross – Kate from London, working a lot with musicians, illustrating the hell out of her crayons. Quite inspired by her willpower to keep the people working together as a family – wow!

People of Print – Great project since 2008, bringing together illustrators, designers and printers. Marcroy shared his story in quite enjoyoable way, speaking about the hard times they’ve been through.

The panel discussion was a nice freestyle discussion where Rob jumped on few topics previously mentioned by the studios/designers.

Panel discussion © GDFScotland

Panel discussion © GDFScotland

I am quite grateful for being invited by The Rodina, had a great experience and made new friends with interesting, creative people. I even get a chance to talk to James Gilchrist, the GDFScotland organiser who runs the Warriors Studio in Glasgow with Beth Wilson.