I’ve silently finished my dissertation in January 2016 and forgot to share it with the world – so let’s do it now!

My dissertation explores a possibility of running cooking workshops in Dundee, one day a week. With capacity of 10 people, these workshops would encourage people to get involved in cooking. Feel the food, live with the food instead of trying to run away from it.

People in Dundee are often not really healthy. Focusing on convenience, rushing through the day with sandwich, crisps and bottle of coke. I’d love people to learn some basics, for instance how to cook simple eggs for breakfast – and make them delicious!

My dissertation which explores a viability of an enterprise idea called “Don’t just eat – Cook!” proposes 4 workshops a month, organised in a suitable space. Engaging local community – especially people who just became independent, whether it’s from divorce or as a fresher student in first year.

I’d come up with different meal and/or theme for each workshop. For the workshop I actually did in Dundee, the theme was “Eggs”, and my basic message was “Guys, try to make yourself eggs in one of ways that I will show for breakfast. You’ll fall in love with it and do it more often.”.

Download the dissertation here:


My always-helping friend Leanne shot a video from the workshop, which (combined with some italian music) pretty much carries the atmosphere and outcome:

My module leader, professor Mike Press encouraged me to stick with food. Or potentially go for the workshop, after I found out it’s possible. I have to admit that I like the idea but think it’s a big portion of things to do since I don’t feel to secure money-wise now. But the idea stays in my heart, for instance I am already thinking of modifying our kitchen in our home, so that I’ll be able to accomodate workshops like this one, or basically cook with people more, in larger space. Thanks a lot for the motivation Mike! And thanks to Solange for doing hell of a lot corrections with me 🙂