Dissertation – The beginning

Fourth year has started. After 1st part of Design Enterprise, lot of students carry on their ongoing projects and write dissertation about them. I decided to do otherwise.

Design Enterprise 1

I spent my time in 1st part of Design Enterprise by looking deep into my soul, asking myself “what do I really care about?”. I wasn’t consciously developing an idea with great tools that Mike taught us about, I was just learning how to use them, but in fact was looking for hints of what is it really that I might do.

At one lecture, we had a truly inspiring guest – Lauren Currie aka Redjotter. Lauren is a DJCAD graduate with vast experience in service design, currently leading an experience design programme at Hyper Island, which I am very attracted to. She asked us to draw the face of our neighbour, then take our drawing from them and describe what is it that gives meaning to what we do.

What do I like to do?
What do I like to do?

Design Enterprise 2 – 4th year’s dissertation

After lot of previous reflection, I decided to rethink what is my project about. We’re asked to come up with an enterprise/activism/business, which makes change, brings value or makes a different kind of sense.

Reflecting on Desent I. and looking for new direction
Reflecting on Desent I. and looking for new direction

My project will be about an enterprise, which encourages people to cook and provides them with the necessary tools and knowledge.

My mission is ”To encourage people to cook more”

People can get easily discouraged from cooking by seeing a recipe with too many ingredients or a complicated cooking process. Lot of people believe that cooking takes too much time and they can’t afford it. Others just don’t give a damn. I’d like to change that. With my initiative, I’d like to:

  • Make people less afraid of loosing time by cooking
  • Educate people about cooking
  • Make people more healthy and nutrition-aware

Why exactly this?

I like to design products and solutions related to cooking & food culture. In the future, I would be very happy if my interest to food & cooking related projects would merge with my professional scope of interaction designer.