Disertation – Research

After choosing my initial direction for dissertation work, I decided to challenge myself and stop focusing on a particular solution for that topic. Starting with proper research, my journey on encouraging people to cook more & enhance their relationship with food culture has begun.

I started exploring various issues closely related to local food culture – for example a massive food waste problem. In UK, 30-40% of food is wasted every year1. Marks & Spencer is for example asking the manufacturers of bread to waste two slices of both ends, just because it doesn’t suit the hyper-consistent sandwiches. Similar motivations based on imperfections and inconsistency are causing massive food waste. In Czech Republic, great initiative called Save the Food gathered lot of these “excluded” vegetables and cook a lot of soups in Prague, to feed people around and raise this issue.

I am not going to tackle the food waste issue directly and as a primary objective, but I will take it in mind – possibly collaborating with food banks like Fareshare from Dundee.

One of possible ways to enhance food culture of people who are bit disconnected from it, would be to organize cooking workshops (not a class, since I would like to even more empathize the notion of collaborative cooking).  Big challenge there is to find the right people in need of motivation for cooking. Another challenge is to find premises at which this would be possible.

Italian Gnocchi cooking session, 2 years ago
Italian Gnocchi cooking session, 2 years ago

I am looking forward to talk to very knowledgeable and passionate people who are initiative about food culture and care about food a lot. This is how my list is looking right now:

  • Amanda Bataller – Founder of Creative Cooking Society Dundee
  • Lyndsay Cochrane – Enthusiastic foodie, works in Trussle Trust food bank
  • Jamie Kunka – DJCAD Graduate, made amazing dissertation on selling homemade bread on university campus, he prototyped the enterprise by just doing it
  • Martin Joy – Head chef from DJCAD Canteen
  • Larah Prigel – Owner of Roseangle Cafe in Dundee
  • Sean Kingsley – DJCAD Technician, potter, interested in the culture of dining
  • Jana Raabensteinová – Founder of From Hand to Hand, foodie social network in Brno, exchanging homegrown produce, dishes, ingredients and gathering together
  • Fraser’s – Vegetable shop in Dundee
  • The Corner – Health, information & peer-led services for youths in Dundee

There might be more to come!