Design Enterprise – The beginning

Design enterprise module (led by Mike Press) just began. Graduates miss business management skills, they often lack the ability to verbalize ideas and advocate design across multiple fields. Mike Press is here to spark up the zeal in us to enhance this area in ourselves. And tweet about it all the time as well. It is very valuable module full of enthusiasm, social media interaction and exploring of possibilities throughout companies close to us (being that in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and so on). The ultimate task in this module is to find a company and find out about how they operate – it should be a company that we have particular interest for in our teams (mine consisting of classmates Rich and Dean, with whom I’ve previously did Social Netowrk project and had an awesome learning experience).
Positively motivated about crowdfunding (50% of funds arriving from outside of UK), social network presence, networking (Pecha Kucha in Dundee booked), we’re all jumping to this module head first. Let’s crack on!

I am an entrepreneur because I see fundamental problems with society and want to be active in creating solutions