Category: Physical Digital Products (2014)

Physical Digital Products is a 3rd year module, revolving around conceiving, designing, prototyping and crafting interactive physical/digital product. In this case the product would be based on a theme of whispering. Module is led by Graham Pullin.

Atelier Whisper exhibition

The last, but the most amazing part of Atelier Whisper was to create an exhibition of our products that we made, in our studio. When Graham told us…

Ellow – Pillow full of empathy

In Physical Digital Products module, we were split into groups – I was with Patrick Drabble and Andrew Stewart. We started by having multiple discussions about our directions, and talked, and…

Atelier Whisper – the article

When third year began, Graham Pullin briefed us on what’s ahead. He spoke silently, about Atelier Whisper – codename of our project ending before christmas.