Category: Design Enterprise (2015)

Design enterprise is a module led by Mike Press, introducing the students to enterprise culture. In second half it culminates with the writing of a dissertation – a report on the viability of an enterprise.

Don’t just eat, cook!

I’ve silently finished my dissertation in January 2016 and forgot to share it with the world – so let’s do it now!

Dissertation – The Workshop

It has happened! On 3/12, 10 people came to join the “Don’t just eat, cook!” egg cooking workshop in West End Church, Dundee that I organized.

Interview with Amanda Bataller

I had the chance to talk to my talented & passionate friend Amanda Bataller about where am I going with my project. She treasures her passion for food…

Food Futures – Design in Action co–design event

Place in the DiA Food futures chiasma became available and I was invited to Dunblane, to spend 2.5 days there with people connected together by the passion and interest…

Disertation – Research

After choosing my initial direction for dissertation work, I decided to challenge myself and stop focusing on a particular solution for that topic. Starting with proper research, my journey…

Dissertation – The beginning

Fourth year has started. After 1st part of Design Enterprise, lot of students carry on their ongoing projects and write dissertation about them. I decided to do otherwise.

Visit to Splintr

When visiting Primate in Edinburgh, we paid a short visit to Splintr – a craft workshop, founded by three DJCAD graduates – Steve Swanton, Jack Fisher and Francis Munnoch. I…

Meeting Kerr Vernon & Graphical House

When looking for agencies to contact for interview in our Design Enterprise module, I found Kerr Vernon (Glasgow based graphic designer) and was quite impressed by his work….

Reaching design agencies

Let’s contact some design agencies to ask them for a coffee, shall we? After discussing the values that we believe in in our team, we decided to contact…

Design Enterprise – The beginning

Design enterprise module (led by Mike Press) just began. Graduates miss business management skills, they often lack the ability to verbalize ideas and advocate design across multiple fields….