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Design enterprise is a module led by Mike Press, introducing the students to enterprise culture. In second half it culminates with the writing of a dissertation – a report on the viability of an enterprise.

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Don’t just eat, cook!

I’ve silently finished my dissertation in January 2016 and forgot to share it with the world – so let’s do it now!

Chef – Great image, project statement and video

One great image and video shot with my friend Finlay Page, accompained by 76 words project statement about Chef.

Chef – Critical Reflection

This article is looking back on the whole fourth year and critically reflecting on my progress towards a finished honours project.

Chef – Listening & Speaking

How do you listen and speak to a user in the realm of web-based apps? There are more options for both. Let’s take a closer look at them…

Chef – Text to Speech

How can one utilise today’s TTS (Text To Speech) technology when creating an app prototype that speaks?

Chef – Animations

Illustrations are finished for my Honours Project Chef. So why not to go on an extra journey which attracts me and try to animate them? 🙂

Chef – Illustrating

From the Mk1 prototype, I knew that illustrated steps for cooking are a good way to keep users visually & aesthetically pleased. They leave space for the user to…

Chef – Making https:// happen

When using Web Speech API, Chrome asks you for a permission to use your microphone – every single time. Only way out of it is to have your…

Chef – Mk2 prototype done

Few days ago we presented a Mk2 prototype of our projects. My Chef app made it into its functional state and is finally able to recognise voice commands…

Chef – Finding the tone of voice

What feeling am I trying to get across to the user of my app? What kind of vocabulary, even in a graphical and interactive sense will I use…