The best thing that happened to me in 2015? I started with meditation. I’d like to share it’s power with you.

Don’t just eat, cook!

I’ve silently finished my dissertation in January 2016 and forgot to share it with the world – so let’s do it now!

A well designed food processor

Good design makes me happy. Especially when it’s also affordable, or even free. Can you believe that I found it in the very store of Tesco?

Chef – Great image, project statement and video

One great image and video shot with my friend Finlay Page, accompained by 76 words project statement about Chef.

Chef – Critical Reflection

This article is looking back on the whole fourth year and critically reflecting on my progress towards a finished honours project.

Chef – Listening & Speaking

How do you listen and speak to a user in the realm of web-based apps? There are more options for both. Let’s take a closer look at them…

Chef – Text to Speech

How can one utilise today’s TTS (Text To Speech) technology when creating an app prototype that speaks?

Chef – Animations

Illustrations are finished for my Honours Project Chef. So why not to go on an extra journey which attracts me and try to animate them? 🙂

Personal Manifesto

After chatting with Graham Pullin, who is a great lecturer and mentor, I decided that the best way to express where I am to others is to write…

Chef – Illustrating

From the Mk1 prototype, I knew that illustrated steps for cooking are a good way to keep users visually & aesthetically pleased. They leave space for the user to…