Atelier Whisper – the article

When third year began, Graham Pullin briefed us on what’s ahead. He spoke silently, about Atelier Whisper – codename of our project ending before christmas. It’s objective is to find our own direction, related to whispering (even in very remote and abstract way), and write article about it first. After the article is written, we should merge in teams of 3/4 and create a product, which would embrace whispering in a way.

The more interesting bit about this module was Graham’s motivation for us to work as a coherent atelier – to form a group as people. Be friends. Do things together and take ownership of our space. At the very end of this module, we had to come with an exhibition, showcasing our works. When I heard all this, I was very happy. I wish for everybody to be more tied together and working in a community spirit, helping each other, sharing all the joy and all the sorrow. I became quite motivated to make this exhibition an amazing one.

The article

The challenging part in the article was that we had to put ourselves in a shoes of somebody who is writing an article for the Icon magazine. I threw my graphic design affinity in place and made an Icon magazine template in Indesign, to be used by the whole class. It was quite fun to measure every single margin with ruler and transfer it to the digital world. I also had to maintain the consistency in every particular use, correcting some mistakes and giving small advice to classmates.

I set my direction for the article to the notifications in current smart technology, and how do they affect human behaviour, focus and other aspects of our lives. Graham gave us a great dose of advice on writing standfirsts and using the Icon’s tone of voice. I name my article “Disturb me with Compassion”. Here is my standfirst:

Being notified by smart devices has become a daily bread for many. Yet nobody voluntarily signs up to receive loud notifications in the middle of a funeral. Has the time come for smart devices to start questioning themselves, whether to shout or whisper?

Take a look at the article in gallery below or download the PDF here.

We’ve printed our articles at pdqprint in Dundee, and were quite happy with the quality.

ICON articles pinned in the studio
ICON articles pinned in the studio