Atelier Whisper exhibition

The last, but the most amazing part of Atelier Whisper was to create an exhibition of our products that we made, in our studio. When Graham told us this is a mandatory requirement, I was truly happy.

From the beginning of this module, I started to organise weekly meetings in our studio to discuss about where are we heading, what should we do, and so on – as a group of people working together under one roof. We came up with few ideas to improve our studio, like a library of design-related books, shared fund for microwave, new fridge. This weekly Friday format was great as an opportunity to discuss anything, the same way  meeting with your family at a dinner table is 🙂

Closer to christmas, we started to discuss the form of the exhibition, how are we going to reshape our studio into a clean space where people can focus on the products themselves and can fully enjoy them. We decided to take white boards, usually used for the degree show and put them against studio walls to act as a neutral backdrop.


Along with that, we went for using already made white wooden plinths – leaving all the focus on the products themselves. We also made some branding, using felt to laser-cut the sign “Atelier Whisper”. I had the honour to manually kern it – great fun 🙂

Manually kerned Atelier whisper felt logotype
Manually kerned Atelier whisper felt logotype

I felt like crafting something for lighting the products up, so I designed lights from tins (Andrew provided lots of beans tins from KFC he works in) and made them with help from Leanne & Rich.

Exhibition light mounted above a plinth
Exhibition lights mounted above plinths

Since there were more people interested in different tasks, small “departments” emerged – like graphics, bar, website. It was quite hard to make sure that everything will fall in part – I am very grateful for my friend Leanne who helped me to raise my voice a little bit to speak to people in general. She’s good at making sure things happen, while I sometimes feel like making too much pressure on people. So on 9 December, it has happened!

Photos in this article are taken by Leanne Fischler.