A well designed food processor

Good design makes me happy. Especially when it’s also affordable, or even free. Can you believe that I found it in the very store of Tesco?

Given my love for pesto & peanut butter, I wanted to purchase an affordable food processor few months ago. I browsed the home appliance section in Tesco and there I saw it – a food processor for £13.50. Looked quite white, minimalistic, clean.

Blender - 1 copy

I quickly glanced over it’s large top button, and soon discovered that it was actually something more. When lifted up, it provided a compartment for the cord, which you would wrap around it. That’s something I’d do with about any immersion (stick) blender. Smart!

Blender - 3

With the plug in socket, the top part works as a large button – especially useful when holding the processor both hands and applying pressure from top.  Easy to press with just parts of fingers.

Unfortunately, many nice stories of bargain purchases end sadly and this is not an exception. The gearbox of this processor is made very poorly from cheap plastic, and although the motor feels quite solid, the gears melted away in action after ~100 uses. (2 months). Sad…

Cycling - 1

Rest in peace, Tesco food processor. If you buy it and keep the receipt, there shouldn’t be a problem in requesting a new one for free. But I don’t feel like feeding this example ridiculous planned obsolescence, so I emailed Tesco, linking this article – let’s see what happens.