I recently finished listening to audiobook by Timothy Ferris (the guy on the photo) – 4 Hour Workweek. It was recommended to me by my friend John who works in a semi-corporate company for some time now. He mentioned his annoyance with neverending meetings and other time killers which in his opninion don’t add much to the productivity of people, and I could feel that he’s gearing towards some degree of independence, which inspired me a lot.

Tim pulls you in the book by explaining what kind of things he’s been up to over last years and you can’t be not amazed. He pinpoints the fact, that what really people seek is the excitement, and not the money. It’s only that we try to bind these two together for some irrational reason. He explains various ways how to get the excitement even if you’re already working 9-5. Long story short – there is a way of retaining your productive values which you give to whatever you do and travel/have some excitement at the same time. Because running around office with papers and spreadsheets doesn’t equal to being productive.

It’s a great eye opening tool for people who feel their inner explorer being constrained by the boundaries of their daily jobs, as well as heads up for anyone who might be heading this (scary) direction – like me. Thank you Tim!