Although I like to be present in the moment, looking back on a previous year and think “where am I going?” helps to reflect, and shape the new year more in favour of the things that bring you joy, fulfillment and meaning. I liked the idea of Tim Ferris link it to write down few things that brought value to your life in last year, and plan them for next year – because it’s the anticipation that we have the most excitement from. Similarly, write down few things that gave you the most stress and make sure they will not repeat in next year.

5 things that meant something to me in 2016

  • Moving my body outside & inside in more challenging way – blend of surges of basic parkour, street workout, movement & cycling -> I’d like to rejoin capoeira, and go exercise with at least one friend every month.
  • Cooking for myself everyday, and also for others. In other words, exercising care about what I put in my mouth & mouths of others. Even experimenting with what & how I eat a little. -> I’d love to keep inviting friends over for dinners. It seems that I might be helping my friend to start a cafe in Dundee too 🙂
  • Spending time with a girl who cares for me and I care for her. -> I’d like to go for at least two trips somewhere with her next year, aside from spending more time with her in general 🙂
  • Playing music. With myself as well as with others. -> I am sure we’ll make it to the streets this year with my fellow musician!
  • Focusing on design again, after having a after-graduation break. -> I’ve already re-started my freelance practice, which is going very good so far. Working for clients that I respect and want to connect with on a human level is the way to go.

Things that shall not be repeated in 2017

  • Working for somebody who doesn’t care about me. I have experienced two months of washing dishes in a place that I’ve fallen in love with, and decided to care and connect to the boss. But she was not there to connect at all – ouch, that hurt.
  • Trying to make a relationship happen. I’ve put effort into making something happen bit quicker than it might want to happen, and therefore put stress and fear on me, and maybe even on the counterpart. There is nowhere to rush in life. I ended up realising that happiness is closer to me than I thought it is. (Apart from being in myself, of course 🙂 )
  • Building up a negative story about somebody I spend time with on daily basis. Getting hooked on it sometimes makes me feel afraid of that person and refusin to connect – not helpful for good friendship. Leo Babauta has described this principle of getting hooked very well.

That’s it! I wish you, my dear reader the best of luck to year 2017, and if you have a minute or two, you might find this constructive reflection useful 🙂