Spending one-third of your life working seems more pleasant when you work with people that you like. My friend told me, that he has ended up quite satisfied in his new work after writing down his criteria and thoughts for the next employment, after not being very happy at his previous employer. So I’d like to do the same and share them with you.


I like to connect with people, that give me the feeling of unconditional connection, mutual trust, which naturally sparks mutual interest and care. When you force me to mingle, I’ll mingle but not necessarily create a connection. The free culture of connecting with humans, this shall be called 🙂 I don’t feel particularly safe with people who don’t accept offers to connect and don’t communicate much at all. As Simon Sinek said,  not feeling safe inside of a tribe (which company is), you naturally invest energy in protecting yourself from others and have no energy left for doing good work and protecting outer threats, striving for the success of the whole tribe.

Page from “The Little Book of IDEO

Peace for work

Some people prefer peace without distractions to do stay focused and in the zone. I’ve found this hard in open space office full of people (no matter how I love them) sometimes, where we stare at each other over our screens. I like to hide, do stuff, and then come back and socialise with whoever feels the same. Of course this doesn’t apply to tasks that are people-based by nature, like brainstormings, discussions, meetings with client… at these events I turn into very sociable buddy who is happy to talk, dream, laugh, empathise and think as one with others.

Nurturing the body

Our bodies speak to us with different requests at the most random times you can imagine. After sitting for one hour, I sometimes have the itch to hang on a bar, walk like an animal, jump around the room and do freestyle movement in our living room. All this doesn’t need to be done with other people around who might get distracted, but having a means to release the tensions in the body and answer its important calls which are coming from the body’s natural self-care centre is the highest priority for me. I appreciate pull-up bars, table tennis and other things to let some inner tension and enregy out, directly at the workplace.

Talk the talk

I naturally rely on my own consciousness, trusting myself and therefore trusting others Allow others to tell me openly how they feel about what they are doing

Being inspired by other disciplines is a great way.

Sitting at the table with a client is integral. Culture of the company should not be made, it just comes from the people Home office would be highly appreciated.

I don’t like the pressure on coming to work at very exact time – five minutes later and you feel bad Interest-driven engagement is great.

Can I propose how I feel I might be able to help?

I love freedom. I like when organisation is designed enough to work but not too much to be too corporate