A vegan experiment

One day, I woke up and realised that I am quite focused and locked on a diet dogma of primal eating. With my gut not being too happy…


Did you know that there were almost 400 Irani cafés in Bombay around 1960? Most of them have disappeared and now it’s about 30. To experience such an…

How I’d like to work

Spending one-third of your life working seems more pleasant when you work with people that you like. My friend told me, that he has ended up quite satisfied…

Fermented Flapjacks

The convenient, tasty, not so dry snack of the United Kingdom – Flapjack. With a twist coming from nature, increasing digestibility, improving our gut health & microbiome in…

2016 – Looking Back

Although I like to be present in the moment, looking back on a previous year and think “where am I going?” helps to reflect, and shape the new…


The best thing that happened to me in 2015? I started with meditation. I’d like to share it’s power with you.

Don’t just eat, cook!

I’ve silently finished my dissertation in January 2016 and forgot to share it with the world – so let’s do it now!

A well designed food processor

Good design makes me happy. Especially when it’s also affordable, or even free. Can you believe that I found it in the very store of Tesco?

Chef – Great image, project statement and video

One great image and video shot with my friend Finlay Page, accompained by 76 words project statement about Chef.

Chef – Critical Reflection

This article is looking back on the whole fourth year and critically reflecting on my progress towards a finished honours project.