Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2015

My friend Tereza from The Rodina (The Family) has invited me to the last day of GDFScotland 2015 – for presentations of designers who ran workshops there + panel discussion afterwards.


Gurus’ day

On 3rd November, 18 experienced mentors with various backgrounds in design, technology, science and other came to see where we are with our Honours projects and talk to…


Flying pucks – Arduino based board game

When challenged to make physical object with built-in electronics, the mind of human sometimes go mad. In this case we quite managed to moderate our idea stream and…


Interview with Amanda Bataller

I had the chance to talk to my talented & passionate friend Amanda Bataller about where am I going with my project. She treasures her passion for food…


Food Futures – Design in Action co–design event

Place in the DiA Food futures chiasma became available and I was invited to Dunblane, to spend 2.5 days there with people connected together by the passion and interest…


Disertation – Research

After choosing my initial direction for dissertation work, I decided to challenge myself and stop focusing on a particular solution for that topic. Starting with proper research, my journey…

IMG_3266 (1)

Peter Thiel – Zero to One

A book writen by the co-founder of PayPal & Palantir, which was given to me for free by Melvil Publishing (thanks!). It talks about competition in business, monopol, mysteries and…