Interview insights for Honours Project

As a part of my research for honours project, I interviewed few people about cooking and their relationship with it. Let’s take a look at the gathered insights…


How was 2015?

Year 2015 was full of new experience. Unforseen twists and pleasant surprises. Main thread which tied this year was being more present, for which I am grateful to my…


Visiting Glasgow School of Art

I went for a small trip since Glasgow School of Art (GSA) held the postgraduate open days and I am just in the middle of my fourth year. After…


Honours Project Concept – Chef

Few days ago, we presented our concepts for Honours Projects. My project is looking into the enhancement of the cooking experience, which is a direction that I chose after…

Egg workshop-5

Dissertation – The Workshop

It has happened! On 3/12, 10 people came to join the “Don’t just eat, cook!” egg cooking workshop in West End Church, Dundee that I organized.


Honours project – Focusing my direction

My general direction for honours project was set in similar way to my dissertation. Cultivate the food culture in Scotland & Bring people together. What has happened since…


Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2015

My friend Tereza from The Rodina (The Family) has invited me to the last day of GDFScotland 2015 – for presentations of designers who ran workshops there + panel discussion afterwards.


Gurus’ day

On 3rd November, 18 experienced mentors with various backgrounds in design, technology, science and other came to see where we are with our Honours projects and talk to…


Flying pucks – Arduino based board game

When challenged to make physical object with built-in electronics, the mind of human sometimes go mad. In this case we quite managed to moderate our idea stream and…


Interview with Amanda Bataller

I had the chance to talk to my talented & passionate friend Amanda Bataller about where am I going with my project. She treasures her passion for food…